Mr Simon Ray

Mr Simon Ray

Vice Chair, Co-opt Governor

I grew up in Shoreham, where I was lucky enough to go to both First and Primary schools whose Headteachers and Governors took a passionate interest in evolving education beyond box ticking, giving me an early sense of enjoyment from learning and discovery, which I have carried with me .

It was this same passion and community spirit that I saw in UBPS, and which inspired me to entrust my own children’s education to the team here. I was honoured to be asked in November to become a governor and to play a small part in helping convey the gift of learning upon the children who are fortunate enough to attend this amazing school.

I have worked in a global financial services organisation for the last twenty years, focusing on developing new ways to deliver world class customer experiences to customers across the globe. I hope to bring the same passion which makes me good at my job, to my role as governor, so I can help the school to deliver the best possible education and life experience for all our children.

I sit on the Premises and Quality & Standards committees. I am fascinated by the study of languages and what they tell us about the communities we share the planet with, and I am also a keen musician – so I am obviously thrilled at the school’s focus on singing and music, and on the use of country names for each class to drive cultural awareness !