Chanctonbury Challenge

5th February 2019

Seven pupils from Upper Beeding Primary School alongside pupils from St Peter’s Primary School in Henfield met with some of the elderly residents of Red Oaks Care Home in Henfield for an afternoon of reminiscing. This was part three of the annual Chanctonbury Challege, an exciting locality project created by teachers to encourage children to work together in a range of activities which will extend opportunities for creative thinking.

The children found out about the residents’ lives and looked at the special items they had brought in, which included photographs, ornaments and medals. After lots of discussion, asking questions and looking through booklets all about the residents, the afternoon culminated in the children producing a PowerPoint on the computers about the life of one of the residents.

The children came away from their afternoon feeling uplifted and they thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent with their new found friends. It was heart-warming to watch both the children and residents build a relationship together in such a short space of time and see two generations get on so well together.

Next part of the Challenge will be at the Flower Farm in March.