The Governing Body

Miss Lou Brown

Clerk to Governing Body
Hello I’m Lou Brown the Clerk to the Governing Body at Upper Beeding. On behalf of the Governors let me welcome you to our section of the website and tell you more about what we do.

The role of the school Governor is often misunderstood. We don’t manage the day to day running of the school, that’s the responsibility of the Head Teacher and the staff. We do have an important job in making sure the children get the best education that the school can possibly deliver.

We check the performance of the school by looking at data, visiting classes and talking to the staff. We monitor the budget to make sure every penny is well spent. We also make sure the school has a clear plan, not just the year ahead, but further into the future too.
We have a full governing body meeting every half term. We also have four committees which look at things in greater detail. These committees meet once a term.

The Finance, Pay and Performance Committee looks at the budget.

The Curriculum, Quality and Standards Committee deals with the curriculum and how children are performing.

The Pupil Welfare Committee makes sure children are well looked after and the school is a great place to learn whatever their background.

The Premises Committee have responsibility for looking after the school buildings and making them safe and pleasant places to work.
Finally, I should point out that all Governors give their time for free. It’s a purely voluntary role but it’s great to give something back and make sure children get the best possible start in life here. If you would like to find out more about becoming a Governor, or you have anything you want to raise with us, please send me an email.