Upper Beeding: The Movie!

We think the best way to judge the school is to come in and see it for yourself. You are always welcome, just contact the office to set up a visit.
The next best way is to have a look at the videos we've been making of the children in action.
The school has been awarded a gold medal for the way it runs sport. Here's a taste of the way we do things. It's the summer school sports day.

At Upper Beeding we're passionate about the Arts. Recently we've been working towards an award called the "Artsmark". This film gives you a good idea of the wonderful opportunities available for children.

We're determined that children here enjoy every subject. Maths is a vital part of the curriculum and this film shows just some of the ways that we make learning maths fun.

Performing in front of other is a great way of building confidence. Our children love performing, from the first nativity show in reception to the final school show when they are in Year 6. We also share our productions with the wider community. Here are two examples, one film features the end of year show and the other, our harvest festival production.

And here are some films which exclusively feature our children. They tell us what they think of the school, about their favourite subjects and what they really think about the teachers!