At Upper Beeding Primary School we fully incorporate our history learning creatively into our topics, using historical subjects as our topic drivers. As a result, children develop a real enthusiasm for History and a fascination with the past. We encourage a hands-on approach with lots of immersive experiences such as archaeological digs, trips and special history days - the emphasis very much on learning through fun.


We are guided by the National Curriculum, which underpins all of our planning. Skills and knowledge of History are carefully mapped through our curriculum coverage documents. Our intent is that our teaching of History will enable children to see themselves as Historians. Through learning about Britain’s past and that of the wider world, children will develop a bank of transferable skills, with a sound progression of historical knowledge as they move throughout the school. They will show appropriate use of subject vocabulary, historical terms and language, and as they move through the key stages, they will demonstrate increasing levels of knowledge and understanding of subject content, historical concepts (such as continuity and change) and chronology. They are given opportunities to think critically, question and challenge sources, and research through historical enquiry. We endeavour for each child to be immersed in and inspired by their learning.