Our Curriculum


Our exciting and ambitious curriculum has been designed to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum. We believe in providing our children with enriching, broad and creative experiences designed to develop their cultural capital and their knowledge and skills. For this reason, our knowledge engaged curriculum, based on our school values of Kindness, Teamwork, Creativity and Curiosity, is shaped to allow every child to find what they enjoy and can do best, providing equity of opportunity. Our wide range of exciting topics are designed to be relevant to our pupils and provide children with the tools they need for future success.


The key principles behind the design of our curriculum are for our children to:


  • Show kindness, being empathetic, compassionate and valuing diversity.
  • Be curious, by asking questions about their own learning, our community, the wider world and others’ experiences.
  • Develop teamwork, by valuing the contributions of others and by understanding what they, as individuals, can offer.
  • Embrace creativity, with a view to unlocking their abilities and talents beyond the academic.
Our curriculum is built upon a foundation of high expectation, recognising that developing outstanding skills in Reading, Writing and Maths opens doors to many life opportunities and enables children to learn effectively across many subjects.
In this section of the website you'll find videos showing work from children throughout the school. Browse through the subjects on the left hand menu and watch some brilliant examples of projects, activities and topics covered at Upper Beeding. We hope you agree it shows the great opportunities and creative curriculum here at the school.
Our broad and balanced curriculum is innovative, creative and fun. It is taught through exciting projects underpinned by our learning values, excellent Arts provision and outstanding pastoral care. We enjoy involving parents and the community as much as we can and are proud of all our achievements. Please do not hestitate to contact us if you would like to come and see us in action.

At Upper Beeding Primary School, we have in place a two-year teaching cycle for delivering our rich and exciting topics. This structure ensures that in our mixed year classes, the whole curriculum requirements will be taught.  

In our current academic year (2023-2024), our pupils are following the YEAR B curriculum.

Details of the curriculum in each year can be found and downloaded below.