Staff List

Head Teacher

Mrs Becky Linford

Head Teacher
Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs Sue Quigley

EY/KS1 Assistant Head / DT Leader

Mr Andrew Hughes

KS2 Assistant Head / Curriculum Leader / Teaching and Learning Leader / PSHE and RSE Leader / Science Leader

Mrs Diane Gwilliam

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator / Forest School Leader
Early Years Team

Mrs Denise Taylor

Class Teacher / Art Leader / DT Leader

Mrs Katie Naish

Class Teacher

Mrs Katy Colbourne

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Amy Poulter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Paula Wells

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tina Le Merle

PPA Cover / Beefit Leader

Key Stage 1 Team

Mrs Debbie Gilpin

Class Teacher / KS1 Leader / English Leader

Mrs Rachel McCauley

Class Teacher / RE Leader

Miss Hayley Stuart

Class Teacher / PE Leader

Miss Megan Whyte

Class Teacher/ Computing Co-Leader

Mrs Lisa Ashdown

Teaching Assistant / HLTA

Mrs Katie Burgess

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Marsha Hanson

Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Mrs Corrine Wellby

LKS2 Leader / Music Leader / Arts Leader

Miss Ceri Pemberton-Bates

Class Teacher / History Leader

Mrs Sandrine Stringer

Class Teacher / Maths Leader / Eco Leader / MFL Leader

Miss Emily Underdown

Class Teacher / Science Co-Leader

Mrs Philippa Albright

Teaching Assistant

Miss Leanne Ashdown

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Alison Booth

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chris Brockett

Teaching Assistant / ICT Support

Mr Matt Ruiz

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emmanuelle Stirling

Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Mr Brian Jones

Class Teacher / UKS2 Leader / Maths Leader / EVC Leader

Miss Caroline James

Class Teacher / Geography Leader

Miss Natasha McKay

Class Teacher / English Co-Leader

Mr Elliot Moule

Class Teacher / Computing Leader

Mrs Kerry Blazdell

Teaching Assistant

Mr Tom Gregory

Teaching Assistant

Miss Catt Gwilliam

Teaching Assistant

Miss Amy Hogman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sara Johnson

Teaching Assistant / HLTA

Mrs Amber Saunders

Teaching Assistant / HLTA

Miss Ruby Slater-Gould

Teaching Assistant

Miss Charlotte Tozer

Teaching Assistant

Office and Premises Staff

Miss Lou Brown

Pupil Welfare and Administration Assistant

Mrs Christine Gilliam

Office Secretary

Mr James Hermon

Premises Manager

Mrs Rosie O'Hara

Finance Manager
Midday Meals Support

Mrs Julie Bakter

Mid-day Meals Supervisor

Mrs Melanie Swain

Mid-day Meals Supervisor