FUBS - Friends of Upper Beeding School

FUBS - Friends of Upper Beeding School -  is our Parents Association who play an integral part in raising money for the school.  To date, they have provided items such as computers, books, a bass guitar, new carpets, a wonderful play area for reception children and a new climbing structure in the playground which has been a massive hit among the children.  They are always in need of extra helpers to organise fund raising ventures i.e. Christmas Fair, Summer Fete, Quiz Nights to name but a few.   If you can spare some time to help in anyway, please contact the school office or FUBS direct on FUBSoffice@gmail.com.

FUBs use a class rep system to ensure effective communication between the PTA and parents.  

Here are the reps for each class:

China Red
 Charlotte Buttress 
China Blue  Lucy Cordingley
 Ireland  Daisy Dawson
 Australia  Karina Hardwick
 Cally Strevett
 Canada  Kathryn Waterman
 Mexico  Helen Appleyard
 India  Sophie White
 France  Chrissy Szwarc
 Year 5 and 6
 Chrissy Szwarc
 Charlotte Buttress
 Cally Strevett
 Elfie Gloster
Minutes of Meetings
Watch FUBS in action at the Christmas Fair and Summer Fete and see why FUBS is so important to our school.

FUBS is organised by...
Charity Trustees


Sarah Bennet Chairperson
Helen Appleyard Vice Chair
Cally Strevett Secretary
Sarah Johnson Treasurer
Mrs Sue Quigley KS1 Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Becky Linford Head Teacher

Committee Members

Dave Beane and Cecile Boisson (parents)


Associate Committee Members

Annie Thomsett-Smith, Lorna Grant, Helen Baldwin, Zoe Cunliffe, Cathy Saul, Nicki Doo, Frankie Counihan, Chloe Boxall, Joss Cowan, Tori Redman, Julie Edgley, Phil Appleyard (Parents) and Lou Brown (School Staff)