Chanctonbury Challenge

6th March 2019

Upper Beeding Primary School children completed their next challenge for Chanctonbury challenge this week, a project designed to aid children in their transition to Steyning Grammar School and provide them with fun oppurtunities for learning away from the classroom.
This week we were invited to Sussex Flower Farm just outside of Steyning to help with the day to day garden jobs and plant seeds which we will come back later in the year to sow. The children were greeted by Shelley and Jeremy and other children from St Peters, Henfield and their Steyning Grammar Year 10 Pupils who are helping with the challenge.
The children had to weed, sow and plant a range of seeds and loved being outdoors. Shelley even made them a yummy vegetable soup from the produce that she grows on the land. Lailah explained, "This was the best challenge so far as I liked being outside and I can't wait to come back in the summer to see what has grown." The children were all confident to speak to the other children and were pleased with the help from the Year 10 pupils who guided them in their activities.
Upper Beeding children are already looking forward to their next challenge- a music workshop delivered at Steyning Grammar School!