Egyptian Day - Year 3 and 4

12th March 2019

Children in Years 3&4 stepped back in time to dress as Ancient Egyptians to celebrate their ‘WOW’ day as part of their topic ‘Incredible Egyptians’.  The children looked amazing in their costumes which ranged from scary mummies wrapped in bandages, glamorous Egyptians queens and goddesses to powerful Pharaohs.  With an initial activity of painting paper plates with gold paint in preparation for the Falcon necklaces, the children were soon joined by the Rainbow Theatre company who led them on a journey in which dead bodies were ‘mummified’ and their organs placed in Canopic jars.  The children delighted in the weighing of a person’s heart against a feather to find out whether they would make it through to the afterlife – or not!  Then came the re-enactment of the story of Moses, who, through God’s intervention, brought ten plagues upon the Pharaoh and the Egyptians, leading to the freedom of the Israelites.


For the rest of the day, the children participated in a range of exciting activities from a treasure hunt – locating ‘hieroglyphics’ that were hidden around the school in order to crack a rather tricky code to making falcon necklaces and Canopic jars.  Both children and adults alike thoroughly enjoyed the day which ended with each class parading down a catwalk to model their costumes to rapturous applause.  Of course, the teaching staff couldn’t resist a walk themselves accompanied by a roar of approval from their appreciative audience.  Sadly, the day eventually came to a close but the classrooms were adorned with beautifully decorated necklaces and splendid Canopic jars.