Punch and Judy visit - KS1

14th May 2019

KS1 children at Upper Beeding Primary School were excited when they came to school last week as they had some very special visitors! As part of their Summer Term topic “At the Seaside” they were visited by Glyn and Mary Edwards with their educational Punch and Judy puppet show.


Glyn talked to the children about Brighton in the past, showing the children photographs of Brighton through the ages. He then showed them a range of puppets, glove puppets and marionettes and talked to them about the history of Punch and Judy. This was linked to our history of the seaside part of the topic where the children are discovering how the seaside has changed from the past.  


The children loved watching the Punch and Judy show and later, when Glyn visited the classrooms, they were able to handle a range of puppets.