World Book Day

14th March 2019

The children and staff at Upper Beeding Primary School had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. Our theme for the day was celebrating the enjoyment and pleasure that can be found in reading. Parents were invited into school to read with the children at various times of the day and children enjoyed reading with these adults.

Teacher Read was a popular activity as children were able to choose the teacher and the book that they were reading. It is good for children to see that adults have favourite books too.

The whole day was a celebration of the fun that can be found in books, and with all the staff and children dressed in pyjamas and onesies, it helped to emphasise the joy of bedtime stories.

Reception had a focus on action rhymes and learnt and performed rhymes to one another. KS1 focused on traditional tales, retelling these familiar stories in a variety of ways, through role play, dance, puppets and the Helicopter technique. Lower KS2 “tasted” a range of books of different genres, making menus of books, whilst Upper KS2 looked at the books of David Walliams, firstly becoming the illustrator Tony Ross and drawing Horrid Henry pictures using video tutorials, then drawing Monsters for David Walliams new book, Fing. The children were given the blurb and had to draw what they imagined the monster to look like. Then each class followed this by focusing on a David Walliams book using drama or creative writing to retell the story – Spain Class looked at Grandpa’s Great Escape, USA Class looked at Billionaire Boy, and Morocco Class looked at The Midnight Gang, before watching the films.